Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

Blind Week 2010 - 120 Years

The power of a 120-year legacy and a child’s hopes for the future galvanises Kiwi volunteers and donors in a massive national marketing campaign and street fundraiser.


The Story:

2010 was a great milestone for the Foundation: 120 years serving blind and partially sighted New Zealanders. Black brought heritage and future hope alive by focusing Blind Week around two heroes: George, 88, who has had a very rich life with the Foundation; and Nicholas, 7, who now needs New Zealand’s help so his future can be just as full.

George and Nicholas were introduced in a recruitment phase to enlist thousands of volunteers for Blind Week collecting - followed by Blind Week TVCs, posters, radio, DM, inserts, online ads, banners, headers and lots of fundraising and publicity activities like the Big Birthday Bash promotion – and ultimately the street collection.

So many touchpoints, so many opportunities for New Zealand to take notice, give generously and be part of an historic celebration.


Blind Week in 2010 was ‘out of the box’ and the success was down to the creativity, slick organisation, insightful ‘black box’ analytics, and above all the ‘client centric’ approach and sense of fun that Black brings to their work.  I really enjoyed working with Black and know and trust they will always deliver. 

Kylie Williams
Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
Marketing Manager 2010

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