cbm - cbmi - formerly Christoffel Blindenmission International

For a charity aiming to double its income Black developed a regular-giving product with the intense engagement of a personalised sponsorship programme, but without the overwhelming admin burden.


The Story:

Over the last 100 years, cbmi has become the world’s largest charity focusing on the double disadvantage of poverty and disability. Worldwide, their single-gift donation programmes are solid, but the strategic goal is to double income. The answer has to be regular giving.

However, a personalised one-to-one programme like Child Sponsorship consumes huge amounts of cost and logistics. Our Black Zone solution is a programme that connects all supporters to one specific featured child. Over the course of 12 months each supporter gets to see how this child’s life is changed - in far more detail than is possible with one-to-one sponsorship.

To create a product with international appeal, we conducted conjoint choice-modelling research in Canada, Germany and New Zealand. This was used to define product name, price point and messaging.

Launch material was then produced in these pilot countries: direct response TVCs in NZ; long-form television in Canada; media inserts in Germany.

Black also produced brand guidelines; a yearly communication plan; and 12 months of communication materials.

Retention is key to regular giving. Supporters all receive the same materials, yet the level of intimate engagement is intense and very personal. As a result, supporter attrition or drop-off is low and retention is high as Black continues to work with the the international marketing team more than seven years after the product was launched in 2007.

On behalf of the CBMI International Board, Pierre-Bernard Le Bas said:

“We believe BLACK has shown five particular strengths:

  1. you really “get”/understand our vision/mission
  2. we like the way you message our work – text is simple, clear, compelling
  3. your videos are really strong
  4. you are excellent with deadlines
  5. your fees remain competitive

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